Investing in our teachers and schools is an investment in our future as a community

Our education system in Hawaii is nothing without our teachers, and unfortunately around 55 percent of new-arriving teachers in Hawaii leave the district within their first five years on the job. Conditions have become increasingly harder for our teachers over time: we expect more from them as educational standards become stricter and more student assessments are required, and in the meantime, we don’t pay our teachers nearly enough in a place that is known as the most expensive state in the U.S. This is not a recipe for success by any stretch of the imagination, and we need to generously support the people who dedicate their careers and their lives to our children.

We must ensure all students access to quality education, regardless of their household income, or what district their school falls in. Educational spending on our children is a form of a human capital investment that will yield a return in the form of higher quality of life in the future.

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